With over thirty years studying and teaching the Word of God, and seeing many people come to know the joy of life in Christ, I’ve learned this: The Word of God is like a mine, and the longer you go into it, some of the richer things you find.

This ministry is about Jesus, and those who are receiving something formative in their lives by the work of the Holy Spirit recognize that. I am not interested in a public platform; I’m interested in personally touching people-people like you. And if you’ve been enriched in that, your support to continue would be a blessing to us. Thank you for your friendship.

— Pastor Cedric A. Miller

Your partnership enables our ministry to reach people with the love of God in Jesus Christ and help them grow into disciples.


Pledge of Accountability

We take very seriously the trust you put in Living Word Church when you send a gift. We stand accountable before you and God to honor that trust. That’s why we pledge:

To use your gift carefully and wisely.

Never to ask for contributions that are not needed.

We believe that all Christians are called first to support their local church before supporting any other ministry. Therefore, we ask that you give to Living Word Church only after you have fulfilled your biblical responsibility to your church. If this is your local church we say thank you again for the friendship. It is not our intention that the urgency of any communication from us produce a pressure or obligation for financial support. Friends are invited to give only as they feel our Lord’s leading. It is our belief that God will meet our financial need through those who respond in this Holy Spirit-led manner.